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Description:'Q-Deck' naturally durable Balau / Bangkirai Hardwood Decking is grooved profile on one face and reeded the other. It is PEFC certified and EUTR compliant thus sustainably and legally sourced. Unlike lots of tropical hardwood decking equivalents it is supplied Kiln Dried as opposed to air dried which means that it is of a more consistent size and will only shrink minimally in the summer.

Finished Size: After machining 21mm x 145mm.

Key Features:

  • Brown/Yellow colouration
  • Generally straight grained but grain can change direction creating an attractive a striped/ribbon effect
  • Durable
  • Very tough & strong

What To Expect:

  • Q-Deck Bangkirai boards are generally not as straight as other deckboards in the Q-Deck range. The use of a hardwood deck board straightening wrench such as that on offer from Spax should be used to realign boards affected by the naturally occurring distortion.
  • Naturally occurring surface shakes can appear during periods of warm dry weather.
  • Naturally occurring tannin can wash out after periods of heavy rain and may stain adjacent materials.
  • Susceptible to black staining in contact with iron and moisture but easily remedied with Net-Trol colour restorer.
  • The natural occurrence of infrequent tiny holes caused by beetles when in log form, does not affect the performance of this decking and is acceptable to the grade.

Installation Advice:

  • Fit over 600mm maximum joist centres
  • Fit with minimum 8mm gaps between boards
  • Fit with 50mm stainless steel screws
  • Pre drill pilot holes prior to fitting screws

Lengths Supplied - Random.

Cover: Each board covers 145mm meaning that you need 7 linear meters to cover 1m2. Please also allow for 10% waste.

Remember you can buy your Q-Deck fixings here online.

In order to help you design and build your 'Q-Deck' there is a set of very useful planning, installation and maintenance guides available to view online.


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Balau Hardwood 'Q-Deck' 21mm x 145mm

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